4 Short Weird And Experimental Short Films To Make You Go All Disturbed

Merry Wednesday my little stuffed toys in a jar disguised to look like pickled conjoined goat twins. I’ve some news: my surreal, bizarro, weird fiction (and whatever else) comedy novella 4 Rooms In A Semi Detached House has been accepted by StrangeHouse Books (thanks, StrangeHouse Books!) and to celebrate here are 4 short experimental and possibly disturbing films.

The Cat With Hands was made by Robert Morgan, whose short animation Deloused featured in The ABCs of Death 2 (which I much preferred to the toilet fixated original). He makes cool and grotesque things, you should have a look. The Cat With Hands is his most famous work.

As well as being an amazing music man with his own record label, Flying Lotus has now set up Brainfeeder Films. With his own feature length production making people sick and a short by David Firth (of Salad Fingers) on the way, I’m looking forward to what else will be released.

The charmingly titled FuckkkYouuu is by Eddie Alcazar, with soundtrack by Flying Lotus.

I’m sure you all remember Alan Tutorials, the youtube channel featuring daft tutorials such as how to pick up a chair, which slowly grew more and more disturbing (but always funny). The mind behind it was Alan Resnick, digital and visual artist and filmmaker. He’s done several things for Adult Swim, including the absurdist This House Has People In It.

Written and directed by Peter Capaldi (aka Malcolm Tucker, aka Dr Who), Franz Kafka’s It’s A Wonderful Life was written in 1993 for BBC Scotland and won a Bafta and Academy Award. Starring Richard E Grant (Withnail, of course, like you didn’t know), it tells the humorous story of Franz Kafka’s attempt to write The Metamorphosis despite numerous interruptions.



Best Music to Write Weird to

Here is the chance for me to show off and go, ‘ooh, look at me and the cool stuff I like, don’t you just wish you were me?’ I was inspired by an advert I saw the other day called ‘The best album to worship to…ever,’ and it got me thinking about the way I use music.

If I’m writing I tend to listen to a single album on repeat until it makes me so nauseous I could throw it out the window, and then I pick another and do the same. Because I’m usually writing something a bit odd, such as an accused witch going mad (more on that later) or my surreal comedy sci-fi/fantastical series (more on that later too), I listen to things that get the old brain in that frame of mind. So here is a list of albums in case you need something a bit unusual:

Ital Tek’s Midnight Colour

Broadcast The Noise Made by People

Martina Topley Bird The Blue God

Leila Blood Looms and Blooms

Coco Rosie Noah’s Ark. I’ve not heard their new one yet, ‘Grey Oceans,’ but I’m sure it’s very good

Flying Lotus Los Angeles

Thom Yorke, anything . I need to hurry up and get famous so that when he finds me hiding in his room he won’t be so frightened.