Some Bizarre Songs/Music Videos And A Temporary Farewell

Hello my little sandwich toasters left precariously on the edge of the kitchen counter, I’m afraid I have to bid you a temporary goodbye. My current book is taking up all my energy, and I need what’s left to annoy my friend Steve and fiance Bill.

Please come and find me on YouTube and the Twitters, however, and we can frolic in the spotlight of Big Brother’s baleful gaze.

I usually avoid music because it’s so divisive, but I figured, what the hell. As a child brought up on my sister’s tastes of Massive Attack, Portishead and Bjork, I’ve kept my love of electro oddity, and here are a few of my favourite songs.

Flying Lotus: Zodiac Shit

Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellison, is a producer, music maker, owner of Brainfeeder records and a filmmaker (Kuso, along with David Firth; both psychedelically brain tickling and stomach churningly gross).

CLOUDdead (Boards of Canada remix): Dead Dogs Two

Boards of Canada are so calming and pretty, and made this ‘experimental’ hip hop song even better. Plus this fan video is amazing.

Tobacco: Super Gum

As well as having their music featured on Silicon Valley, Tobacco made a weird B movie VHS video out of bits and pieces for their album F-d Up Friends. Please be aware, the following video contains ET porn. E…T…Porn…

Sza: Crack Dreams

I never expected to hear such a beautifully dreamy song about doing crack. Her others are great summer listening too.

FKA Twigs: Water Me

I love this weird lady. My favourite song so far is Two Weeks, but this video is wonderfully odd.

Anneka/Milanese: Reading You

I’ve followed Anneka’s (at one point known as Anneka Snip, not sure if that’s her real name) for a few years now. Her EP, Life Force, was recently released with Anti-Ghost Moon Ray. Here’s a song she did with Planet Mu person Milanese.

Maddie’s Kareoke Suggestions

I listen to music while I write and I made a CD of songs that would make amusing performances at kareoke. Well, you’ve got to pass the time somehow and god forbid you should do it actually writing.

These include:

He Hit Me (and it felt like a kiss) by Hole. It was originally by the Crystals and that’s good too, but I like early Hole:

Beetles by Aphex Twin

Waiting for the Man by the Velvet Underground

Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday (otherwise known as the Hungarian suicide song):

Picadilly Palare by Morrissey

Scream thy Last Scream by Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd

Put me in a movie by Lana Del Rey

Old Fashioned Morphine by Jolie Holland

I am the Walrus by the Beatles

Dead Dogs Two by Clouddead and Boards of Canada:

Poisoning pigeons in the park by Tom Lehrer