Welcome to my cupboard. I enjoy odd art, books, films and fashion so have a look through my blog and share the joy.

Visit my website to keep up with my writing.

A Surreal And Bizarro Tale is the diary of a fictional character

Little Grimton is a comedy/horror/science-fiction podcast written by myself and a few friends. It comes out once every few months.

Categories are on the right but flick through Bizarre Book Club for other people’s odd scribblings.

The Halloween Project This time of year gets the creative juices flowing from my head (euw), come see the marvelous things I make with them.

Tales of the Slightly Unexpected are true personal stories, all peculiar of course. Yay!

20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello you this is me, your site is nicer than mine!! How unexpected is that.

  2. Well thank you, I am rather pleased

  3. I think that the possibilities within this site are limitless. It is just like the author – interesting, amusing and downright good.

  4. Oh stop, you’ll make me blush

  5. You is a writings lady, I shall eat your brain to absorb your talent

  6. Could you wait til after my dinner?

  7. There’s ice cream but no jelly, is that okay with you?

  8. I think that’s terribly bad form, run to the shops forthwith

  9. Will have to find my way through the maze of shops, blue green or red jelly?

  10. Green jelly!

  11. Ffank yhat four writtanS haye eHntertainmontS wobsit!

  12. matthewrevert said:

    I envy the fact you have a pipe and I love the fact you have the moxie to stand in a bucket.

  13. Heyo Pudduns! Link to something especially silly – http://cosmicpup.wordpress.com/

  14. My favourite part was the nice lady talking.

  15. My favourite part was the nice lady talking.

    She is nice, and she is a lady.

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