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  1. Hi Maddie? I’m Nikki from over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind. Yes I do reviews and giveaways, and interviews, guest posts, character interviews, and just random talking. Giveaways I usually showcase are from books the author has offered up or just different events. Its a good way to get your books seen by other bloggers and to get news out about your book! My email is viajeradelmar@aol.com.

  2. Hi Maddie, I too am a fellow author who has started on the road of writing. Love your blog and it would be great to have an ear to listen when help is needed. Drop me a line or go to my blog, zacthraves.blogspot.com zacthraves@hotmail.co.uk
    Good luck with everything and keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Madeleine,

    I found your blog though Deviantart. I think it’s really great and I’m interested in the way that you mash together lots of different content.

    I’m not sure of your age but I’m looking to interview people aged between 18 and 28 about how they create and share content online for PhD research at University of Westminster and wondered if you were interested in being interviewed.

    Here is a link to my University web page that will give you a background of the project.

    If you’re interested please contact me.

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Madeleine,

    I’ve nearly finished my research interviews and thought it would be great if I could interview you as my final interviewee in this age range. I know you’re just outside the age range but I don’t think it matters too much as the diversity of your content fits my profile perfectly (and it’s only 2 years after all). As I said earlier, I’m really interested in the way you mash content together.

    I wondered if you’d let me interview you about it? The interview only takes about 45 mins and can be done at a time and place of your choosing. I could meet you at a cafe in Braintree if you like or anywhere else you choose. (I live in North London)

    Here the link again to my University web page that gives you a background of the project.

    Here is also a link to my (rather boring) PhD diary blog: http://www.timrileydigital.com/phddiary/

    Please let me know if you’d be interested. Previous interviewees have found it enjoyable because it get them to think about why they create content to share online. You can see some of their content and comments from all the three age ranges here: http://contentcreation.posterous.com/

    Thank you,

    Best wishes,


  5. Brilliant, Just let me know the date, time and place you’d like to meet in Braintree and I’ll be there. I’m fairly free over the next week so anytime will do. You can email me direct on tim(at)timrileydigital(.)com if you want to to keep the info private.


    Best wishes,


  6. Hi Madeleine,
    Thank you for the comment on my new blog. I’m currently using it as a university project to find the best way to release my 2018 novel Spectrum.

    I was writing to ask if you have any advice on what’s the best way to get a piece of work out to the public?
    If you find it difficult to contact on here, I can give you my e-mail address:


    I also wanted to say that your blog is awesome, and I’m going to check out your work as soon as I’m not bombarded with exams.

    Kind regards,

    1. Aw thanks! Feel free to email me too on writer and book related things. I must admit I’m not too much of an expert on getting your work out there, but I found organising readings in bookshops etc are one good way. I recently did one for the Brighton Fringe festival so look out for any arts related events. Also here’s a post on small press publishers, they’re a brilliant place to start and there’s more than I’ve listed here. Good luck with your exams! https://madeleineswann.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/a-list-of-small-press-publishers/

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