Other Brilliant Blogs/Sites

Upon this page you will witness magazine type blogs of oddity and intrigue, terror and fascination, and maybe the odd cupcake recipe:

Who Killed Bambi? Provocative art, fashion and music, and a whole bunch of other brilliant things

The Year of Halloween – spooky make up tutorials, art, photography, news; everything a horror fan needs all year round

My Vintage Vogue – preserving pictures of old fashions and photography

Bizarro Central – for those with leanings toward the (very) odd. A writing community but they like to post anything of interest

Retronaut – fascinating and often unexpected look at the past

Halloween Culture – lifestyle magazine for the odd and spooky

Emorfes – Art and oddities

Victorian London – A serious load of information through news clippings, writings and genuine adverts can be found here. You can pick your subject of interest (ie. disease) and see what comes up

Mookychick – though its for (mostly) girls of alternative interests in fashion, there are also interesting posts on films and books etc

Decaying Hollywood Mansions – a tumblr page dedicated to the “crepuscular ruins of Gothic Hollywood & the wild & woolly history of cinema”

Snopes – everyone’s favourite online urban legend catalogue

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