Bizarre Book Club: The Oldest Weird Fiction

Hello pickle and sausage sandwiches!

I read the oldest weird fiction that I could get my little paws on; Gilgamesh, The Cannibal Hymn of Egypt, Flatland by Edwin Abbot, The Yellow King by Robert W Chambers and Hell Screen by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa.


2 thoughts on “Bizarre Book Club: The Oldest Weird Fiction

  1. Cool video Madeleine. I have such a love/hate relationship with The King in Yellow. I read and reviewed it back in October, and while I found the first portion of the book to be eerie, menacing, and generally delightful to read, I was so disappointed by the latter portion of rambling accounts of upper-middle class French bohemians that took a sharp left turn from horror. To be fair, I’m now seeing more and more that most readers (and writers) celebrate those initial five stories and almost wholly ignore the rest of the book.

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