Fake book reviews by a fake sock puppet

I noticed everyone in the land of the internet discussing an issue involving sock puppets. I later learned it had something to do with a writer posting fake reviews ‘with a sock puppet.’ Naturally I took this to be literal; he had surely filmed his hands covered with said socks and glued eyes on them, trashing other writers whilst praising his own work using a silly voice.

Sadly this isn’t what happened. It was just some unfortunate with no fans writing under pseudonyms on sites such as Amazon, which apparently is known as ‘sock puppetry.’ His name is RJ Ellory, here’s an article about it.

Some of the commenters underneath seem to have mistaken him for James Ellroy, author of The Black Dahlia and LA Confidential amongst others, but I imagine he has better things to do. Like licking eyeballs or something.

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