Fog and graphic sexual horror

I love this fog. I’m expecting a headless coachman to pull up and say, “Where to? No, it’s a bit far love.” I imagine he’ll be able to speak by paranormal forces or something.

I watched a documentary recently called Graphic Sexual Horror. It was fascinating and more than a little unnerving, and some of the images will stay with me. I liked it, it was good. It was about a website called insex that begin in the 90s which featured pictures and live feeds of consenting girls being tortured for the pleasure of the viewers. In the same way that I love Straw Dogs (though I think I’m the only one) for highlighting the complexity of human relationships and interaction, I found the grey area of consent and real fear intriguing. They may have agreed to appear in the films but at certain points they were definately not acting. As one woman said, “I felt raped, but I could have used my safe word at any point.”

Equally fascinating is the way the website ran into trouble. The credit card companies disapproved of the content so made it impossible for viewers to pay by card, thus deterring potential customers.

It’s worth watching, if you can handle that sort of thing.

3 thoughts on “Fog and graphic sexual horror

  1. The docunentary was a pretty good piece of work. As someone that is a practitioner I still found it to portray the unique world of insex in a way that makes it understood to a wider range of people. It was clearly an authorized film as PD is totally accessible in it, At one time when a safety issues is being discussed the metal genius and PD show tension around who was responsible for the rare and possibly the only failure major failure of one of the torture devices, a water torture tank that reptures.I was an insex member and have contributed to the live shoots with requests and suggestions, rarely has a model balked but the documentary does catch one of those scenes.

    I would have liked to have seen and heard from one of the models that refused to come back. I would have especially liked to have tracked down moonshine (who has some clip scenes in the film) as she created a an exppse on insex that is not favorable, but is impossible to find anywhere, but you can find text from her on a google search. 1201 in her interview clearly seems to just have just been a model that kept coming back for the money, in the case of moonshine and possibly 311 and others they might offer a counter view that would add to the tension, but it also probably would have touched a nerve with PD. I was very sad when the site went down, it gave you something found nowhere else, except for some of us with our own willing women, but we could only get ideas from him, no one could create in his basement what PD created. As was mentioned in the film, he truly is the Michangelo of this art.

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