Easy DIY vintage and alternative fashion and hair tutorials

It’s the New Year! OK it’s been the new year for a little while but I heard lots of birds today and it made me think of spring, therefore it only really became new year properly for me today. You know what I mean. And a new year means a new look. Sometimes. Well, the magazines keep telling me this and they wouldn’t lie, would they?

Anyway… after you’ve read the article I posted a while ago on looking and feeling vintage, here are various tutorials you may find useful. From everyone’s favourite make up muse Edie Sedgwick to modern gothic, from 20s flapper to hippie/metal/whatever dreadlocks, punk to steampunk and blacklight parties it’s all right here. Hooray!

First, because I used to have dreadlocks and I still love them, is a how to:

If real dreads are too much of a frightening commitment, here’s how to do them in wool:

Next up some gothicness. Here is MissChievous’ make-up tutorial:

The ‘Tim Burton’ look from Michelle Phan:

Antimony and Lace is a site dedicated to tutorials on do it yourself goth clothes, and Goth.net is a community site for sharing clothes tips and the like.

Quite a sweet tutorial for rock types on making shredded leggings. My favourite part was the cat:

Here’s a wiki how on making your own punk clothes.

Who wouldn’t want to dye their hair rainbow?!:

The ‘Queen of Blending’ shows us how to perfect the drag queen/faerie/bizarre look:

‘Pixiwoo’ provides tips on getting the look of the lady who inspired many alternative fashion fanatics, Edie Sedgwick:

And here’s a little blog post on her general look. Check the bottom for links to articles about her.

‘The Cherry Dollface’ shows us a 50s hairstyle, picked from her many vintage tutorials:

Steampunk stuff is expensive and complicated, right? Not necessarily:

Get the flapper look:

And her make up:

Finally here is the mookychick guide to setting up a blacklight room.

Well, there we have it, quite a number of top tips for the average alternative type. May you have a jolly old time with it this year. Good byee!

Maddie’s Kareoke Suggestions

I listen to music while I write and I made a CD of songs that would make amusing performances at kareoke. Well, you’ve got to pass the time somehow and god forbid you should do it actually writing.

These include:

He Hit Me (and it felt like a kiss) by Hole. It was originally by the Crystals and that’s good too, but I like early Hole:

Beetles by Aphex Twin

Waiting for the Man by the Velvet Underground

Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday (otherwise known as the Hungarian suicide song):

Picadilly Palare by Morrissey

Scream thy Last Scream by Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd

Put me in a movie by Lana Del Rey

Old Fashioned Morphine by Jolie Holland

I am the Walrus by the Beatles

Dead Dogs Two by Clouddead and Boards of Canada:

Poisoning pigeons in the park by Tom Lehrer