The Velvet Underground and Jefferson Airplane

These two bands essentially reflect two sides of the same late sixties counter culture. The Velvet Underground of course were moody heroin addicted speed freaks and Jefferson Airplane believed psychedelics had the power to make everyone cuddle forever. Two good bands from a fascinating era.

Here’s Velvet Underground’s Waiting for the Man:

And as an added bonus here’s a very short clip of them playing Venus in Furs live while Edie Sedgwick and Gerard Malanga frolic in the background (beginning might hurt your ears, careful):

And here’s Jefferson Airplane doing White Rabbit:

Maddie’s Kareoke Suggestions

I listen to music while I write and I made a CD of songs that would make amusing performances at kareoke. Well, you’ve got to pass the time somehow and god forbid you should do it actually writing.

These include:

He Hit Me (and it felt like a kiss) by Hole. It was originally by the Crystals and that’s good too, but I like early Hole:

Beetles by Aphex Twin

Waiting for the Man by the Velvet Underground

Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday (otherwise known as the Hungarian suicide song):

Picadilly Palare by Morrissey

Scream thy Last Scream by Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd

Put me in a movie by Lana Del Rey

Old Fashioned Morphine by Jolie Holland

I am the Walrus by the Beatles

Dead Dogs Two by Clouddead and Boards of Canada:

Poisoning pigeons in the park by Tom Lehrer