Vote for your favourite bizarro story this year

For those who like that sort of thing, a vote is being held on Bizarro Central (a website on the off-kilter section of the literary world) for your favourite bizarro story of the year. I’ve no idea what the outcome is, perhaps winged elephants will carry the winner through the town on a purple cushion.

Here’s the info:

Vote Now on Your Favorite Bizarro Short Story of the Year!

Was there a bizarro short story you read this year that you particularly loved? Well here’s your chance to recognize it! All stories first published in 2011 are eligible. This includes books, chapbooks, web journals, print journals and magazines, digital books, etc. You are allowed to cast three votes — please list your first, second, and third choice.

Finalists will be announced on Monday, December 19th, then a final vote will be held to determine the winner.

Please email your vote to You may also direct questions to that address.

Please note that this is not an official award.