Maddie’s Kareoke Suggestions

I listen to music while I write and I made a CD of songs that would make amusing performances at kareoke. Well, you’ve got to pass the time somehow and god forbid you should do it actually writing.

These include:

He Hit Me (and it felt like a kiss) by Hole. It was originally by the Crystals and that’s good too, but I like early Hole:

Beetles by Aphex Twin

Waiting for the Man by the Velvet Underground

Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday (otherwise known as the Hungarian suicide song):

Picadilly Palare by Morrissey

Scream thy Last Scream by Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd

Put me in a movie by Lana Del Rey

Old Fashioned Morphine by Jolie Holland

I am the Walrus by the Beatles

Dead Dogs Two by Clouddead and Boards of Canada:

Poisoning pigeons in the park by Tom Lehrer