Video Channels To Tell You Stories

Hello my little jalapenos so wonderful tasting it brings a tear of nostalgia to one’s eye. Reading is wonderful thing, as we all know, but sometimes it’s nice to regress to childhood. I don’t mean have large nappies and cots custom made, unless that’s your thing, I mean let someone else to the reading for us.

Here are a few channels where you not only get to listen with your ears, but your face. Is that a correct sentence? I don’t know.

The Moth is always a wonderful channel to watch, and you can listen to people’s true stories on the website too. I honestly don’t know how these people have the nerve to just stand up and talk about themselves. This is a funny and thought provoking story by writer Ernesto Quinonez on school bullying:

If poetry is your cup of tea here is the Button Poetry channel. Alex Dang in the video below reads “What Kind Of Asian Are You?”

A lot of horror fiction channels, rather than featuring the reader, have ambient images like a fireplace or spooky scene. There’s Chilling Tales For Dark Nights, also Troubled Dreams and Mr Creepypasta. Honestly, there’s loads, just do a search.

RDSPress’ channel often has readings from their authors, I suggest popping along there. Here’s Stephanie Whytovich reading from a poetry collection (they also do fiction) inspired by insane asylums:

This lady, Sauda Namir, reads bizarro erotica in a sexy manner. Just be warned that bizarro is a genre that is often disturbing, strange and explicit. Here she reads an extract from Gabino Iglesias‘ Gutmouth.