Horror Comedy Fairy Tale Story In An Anthology

Well, look who came back for more. Guess you didn’t have enough last time, eh? No, wait, I really am pleased to see you. Don’t go, I have cake.

My horror comedy short story Mirrorcast is available in this month’s collection of F-d Up Fairy Tales. Led by Berti Walker, a few stories will be released each month of 2016, so open wide and let the words pour in. Don’t lean your head too far back though, you’ll choke.

With cover art by award winning animator Bill Plympton and a good review by E. Elias Merhige (Shadow of the Vampire and Begotten) I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy it.

Purchase here and here.

Incidentally I have begun a blog as a fun writing exercise, the diary of a fictional character in A Surreal And Bizarro Tale. The first post is a fairly straight forward satire of Donald Trump but it will get weirder. Enjoy!