How to get your graphic novel started

I came across this really helpful article, follow the link here.

After asking questions I also recieved this helpful comment from Tim Stout:

“You’re right. Page count does differ depending on the project. As you’ve probably noticed in book stores, mainstream comics tend to have 128-256 page graphic novels because they are collections of 4-8 issues of 24-32 pages each. And stand alone graphic novels are typically 150-300+ pages. So, unless you intend to do a 1,000+ page graphic novel, I wouldn’t worry about page count. (If you are planning to do 1,000+, well… I’d recommend trying to split that up into issues or chapters or into a trilogy — easier bites for publishers to swallow.) As for accepting just the script: some do. Some publishers want a completely finished book before they publish while others are willing to take a script — best to ask them individually. And it’ll definitely help to have well-drawn, well-suited visuals to accompany the script. Even if it’s just the first ten pages, or finished character sketches. An image is worth 1,000 words, and when a GRAPHIC NOVEL publisher has to choose between a 200-page script of just text or a 200-page script that has comics accompanying it, of course they will want to read the latter.

Something for script writers

Stumbled upon this website today, Writer’s Avenue. I shall also be adding the link permanently to my list of magically helpful links. This is what their facebook page says:

Writer’s Avenue is a new theatre company that gives new playwrights a platform to develop their work. We hold new writing events and welcome actors and directors to get involved.

We give new playwrights a platform to develop and showcase their work. It also allows actors and directors to gain experience, polish their skills and get involved with new writing. Scripts submissions are accepted all year round from writers with all levels of experience.

You now have your chance to write that one man show about the bloke who paints his privates green and waves them around outside.