Short story published: The Day I Chose Her

Evening all. Aah, that was a genuine mistake (its 10 am. I really need tea).

Anyway, here’s my latest story in online magazine Black Petals, its historic horror ooh (disclaimer, this one is a bit grim I was in a bad mood). Enjoy!

Lovecraft, racism, and the “Man of His Time” defense

Very interesting post on the horror writer and his penchant for racism (how embarassing would that be if you invited him to a fashionable dinner party now? Yes, I know he’s dead…)

I myself wasn’t quite prepared for it when I read his story Reanimator and, though I was shocked, I tentatively reassured myself that well, it was the past and everyone was racist. But was he, perhaps, just a teensy bit more racist than everyone else?

Have a read of the post on blog ‘Laughing at the Abyss’ and let me know what you think.