Selling Shame: 40 outrageous vintage ads any woman would find offensive

This post I stumbled across contains a couple of my favourite things, vintage things and amusing attitudes. However, how much have things really changed, and were men equally targeted for advertising abuse? These are things I wish to know, and maybe someday will learn.

Have a read and stumble upon such delights as this warning about what might happen if you don’t wash… down there: offending_lysol1

As an added treat here’s a humorously sexist coffee advert from the early sixties:

Peter Wyngarde’s bizarre album of madness

One of the most bizarre things I came across this morning, here is a post on actor Peter Wyngarde’s (mostly forgotten) album released in the 70s.

The song available to listen to is called…oh God…Rape. And it’s very silly (in a bad way). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.