Sherlock Holmes and the Paranormal

I’ve always loved Sherlock Holmes, and whenever I’ve seen a TV or film adaptation I’ve often developed a hormonal response to whoever’s in the role (though Robert Downey Jr’s a given, obviously). Maybe that’s because I know he’d only hang around for an hour before ditching me to find an opium den.

Well, we won’t delve too far into my psyche lest there be dragons, but I just wanted to quickly mention this book I found on Amazon.

After the earlier post on the oddities of fanfiction this may seem strange but I was intrigued by the idea of Holmes short stories mixed with the paranormal, Victorians and ghosts being two of my favourite things.

I’ve not read Gaslight Grimoire or any others in the ‘Gaslight’ series though I will soon. If anyone already has, let me know what you think.

Farewell, bye bye, bog off all of you and never darken my door again!

No, only joking. Am I? Yes, of course. But…am I? Well, yes, but…