Creepy Interactive Online Horror Stories

It’s almost Halloween! OK it’s still technically summer but by golly if you squint really hard and pinch your nose against the delicate scent of flower blossoms it could be autumn.


With this in mind I went on a hunt for the spookiest, scariest, creepiest online horror stories. Some are more inventive than scary but please be aware there is a chance you may scream very loudly, causing any housemates, friends or partners to come running.

My Father’s Long, Long Legs

This Weird Fiction tale is the reason I delved into the world of interactive stories. It’s cleverly done, subtle and very creepy.

Wear your headphones to get the best from the sound effects. You have to click the words in bold to get to the next part, and there is one section where you’ll need a little patience. You’ll know the bit. And keep going if you’re not sure, it will be abundantly clear when you’ve reached the end. Good luck!


The story is entertaining though not terrifying, but what makes it even better is the number above. Call the number after finishing the story and you’ll see what I mean (please check for potential charges though, I have poor impulse control and am now waiting to see if I get an abnormal bill).

The Dionaea House

This intriguing tale begins with a series of emails you have to click through. At the end, if you click on the Updates page, you’ll find more ‘information’ and links to other sites corroborating the story. It’s very clever and the story itself is fascinating.



Similar to Annie96 Is Typing (another good ‘un) this story appears as a chat history needing the click of your button to show the next piece. Not only that but a link to a wikipedia page correlating with the story appears which is a nice touch.

Annie96 may be slightly creepier but this one is still good. I think the thing that tips it for me is the friendship between the two girls.

The Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

If you haven’t seen this one yet you’re in for a treat. Keep scrolling down and make sure you’ve been to the toilet beforehand, that’s all I can say.

If you like scary webcomics try The Split Lip or the Midnight Tea Party anthology serieseseses. Well, what’s the plural of series? Series’? Serieses? I’m tired.

My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me On Facebook

Though not interactive, this creepypasta makes good use of facebook chat and pictures. Plus it genuinely gave me the creeping willies so there was no way I wasn’t going to share it.


There’s a few fun interactive spooky stories on youtube including The House, A Knock At The Door and Stillshore CottageEnter if you dare, mwa ha ha!!! Um, that’s about it, until next time…no, really, that’s it, I’m going to make tea now, you’ll have to get off the porch. Bye!


Guest Post: Inkflash is like exploring inside a book trailer that’s come to life

Good afternoon my little extra servings of sugar in a cup of tea, I’ll be popping off for a couple of weeks for a minor operation but never fear – here is a guest post by Matt Stephens about his new website, a kind of virtual book trailer thing. He’ll explain it much better than I can. Anyway, here is his post:



“Since online shopping began, I’ve felt that discovering and buying books on the Internet is a rather clinical experience, not really befitting the fact that I’m buying escapist novels. So, almost a year ago to the day, I quit my day job and set out to create – a Virtual Reality book discovery site.


Inkflash has evolved into a book marketing hub for authors to promote their books in themed 3D rooms. The site launched just a month ago. Authors have already begun signing up to have a themed “author room” created for them (we’re adding new rooms every day). The rooms are designed to evoke the world or period that the books are set in; the effect is like an interactive book trailer that you can step into and walk around in.


The magical element is that all of this works in your web browser, so anyone can visit the site and explore new literary worlds in 3D. Visitors can browse for murder mysteries in virtual recreations of Victorian London, or find perfect books for Winter in a snow-laden park where the only sound is the crunch of their footsteps.


Rooms are linked via doorways, so visitors to the site can wander from one room to the next, exploring books and discovering new authors as they go. Although Inkflash is still very new, it’s already shaping organically into different “neighbourhoods” of historical novelists, science fiction authors, romance authors and so forth.CatRambo


Each author room can also show book trailers up on a big “video wall”, plus Twitter and blog feeds. It’s all interactive, so you can click on anything in the room and (for example) link through to your website or a book’s Amazon page.


I hope you’ll agree that Inkflash makes shopping for books on the Web more fun and engaging than a “point and click” ecommerce site. It’s also great for authors who want to make their books really stand out from the crowd. If you’re an author (aspiring or published), I hope you’ll join us on Inkflash very soon!”


Based in London, Matt Stephens is the owner and co-founder of Inkflash, and founder of indie Historical Fiction publisher Fingerpress. Before that he spent 20 years as a software developer, mainly in finance, and wrote some books on software design.

Authors who’d like a virtual room on Inkflash should contact Matt without delay, at: