Amazingly Creepy Horror Illusion Make Up

Just over a month to Halloween!

If you’re creatively inclined with your hands (I’m really not, everything handy I try to do comes out looking a little depressed) maybe you can have a go at this insane horror illusion make up for Halloween. Some people make it look so easy, and SammyLovesFossas is one of those people.

Here’s a Matrioshka (Russian dolls) effect:

Eye Popping Make Up:

The Last of Us:

Human Gruel facepaint:

Ghost facepaint:

Honestly there’s so much more, please visit her channel for more amazingness. See you soon!

A little list of post-Halloween weird for you

Bonjour, how are my little cocktail sausages? I decided to share a couple of things I’ve seen via t’internet over the last few days just to reassure myself that Halloween is never over:

Firstly is some stunning pumpkin carvery by artist Ray Villafane. Wander over to blog Halloween Culture for more (and you know you want to):

Secondly blog and home of loony literary kittens Bizarro Central will be alerting us to a new weird artist each day of December. Write it in your diaries! Not in blood, try this biro. Have a look at this blog post for more info and a list of last year’s December artists.

Next up is a facebook page (that’s it, I’m getting technical on you) dedicated to the gothic world of Old Hollywood: Decaying Hollywood Mansions. Enter a world of vintage stars, studio overlords and bootlegging gangsters.

Also included is this post on the Gashlycrumb Tinies, a children’s book for adults I remember reading many years ago. To read through the whole ghastly business (apparently Neville died of ennui, I know how he feels) visit this post on The Year of Halloween.

Lastly, it would be silly to miss out the Body Parts Bakery. Here is a picture and video stolen from Bizarro Central featuring the stash of bready body bits all made by artist Kittiwat Unarrom in Thailand (everything is edible and sold in the bakery):

Weird, eerie vintage photography

These unusual photos from times past are sure to entertain your eyeballs. Reblogged from, I promise they won’t disappoint. Have a look!wtf-photos-from-old-times-e1323722277454

Sherlock Holmes and the Paranormal

I’ve always loved Sherlock Holmes, and whenever I’ve seen a TV or film adaptation I’ve often developed a hormonal response to whoever’s in the role (though Robert Downey Jr’s a given, obviously). Maybe that’s because I know he’d only hang around for an hour before ditching me to find an opium den.

Well, we won’t delve too far into my psyche lest there be dragons, but I just wanted to quickly mention this book I found on Amazon.

After the earlier post on the oddities of fanfiction this may seem strange but I was intrigued by the idea of Holmes short stories mixed with the paranormal, Victorians and ghosts being two of my favourite things.

I’ve not read Gaslight Grimoire or any others in the ‘Gaslight’ series though I will soon. If anyone already has, let me know what you think.

Farewell, bye bye, bog off all of you and never darken my door again!

No, only joking. Am I? Yes, of course. But…am I? Well, yes, but…