Songstresses and burlesque queens: Five unusual ladies

I’ve had to interview various unusual and creative ladies for magazines and it got me thinking about a few that people may not have heard of, but would like to.

I’m on some pretty heavy painkillers (have a read of my post on endometriosis) so forgive me if I don’t make much sense…

The first two are musical. I like ethereal music ladies such as Bat For Lashes and CocoRosie, and two singers/musicians I came across in the last few years have caught my interest.

Anneka Snip lives in Brighton and has collaborated with electronica artists like Milanese, Blue Daisy and Ital Tek.

Kid A (or Annie T) is an American lady who is currently on tour with Scroobius Pip. Have a listen:

Next up is a cabaret artist known as Missy Macabre. A one woman vintage burlesque freak show, I interviewed her about a short comedy/horror film she appeared in called Annabelle’s Tea Party. Have a look at her in action:

Next we have comedy burlesque performer Fancy Chance. I was sent to review The Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus and she was very entertaining:

In the same show was Lucifire, the lead stunt woman. Amongst other things she ate glass, walked on it and made me chuckle (the gentleman onstage is her husband and fellow performer Professor Tusk):

Just as an added bonus here’s Bat for Lashes doing Horse and I at Shepherd’s Bush, London:

Short story: The Thief’s Dungeon

Looking for a humorous, thrilling, fantastical and erotic adventure? Well, you won’t find it here. Oh no, wait, yes you will! Read my story The Thief’s Dungeon on for the the tiny price of 99 cents (Americaland money).

Read it here.

*Warning* Over 18s only

Sherlock Holmes and the Paranormal

I’ve always loved Sherlock Holmes, and whenever I’ve seen a TV or film adaptation I’ve often developed a hormonal response to whoever’s in the role (though Robert Downey Jr’s a given, obviously). Maybe that’s because I know he’d only hang around for an hour before ditching me to find an opium den.

Well, we won’t delve too far into my psyche lest there be dragons, but I just wanted to quickly mention this book I found on Amazon.

After the earlier post on the oddities of fanfiction this may seem strange but I was intrigued by the idea of Holmes short stories mixed with the paranormal, Victorians and ghosts being two of my favourite things.

I’ve not read Gaslight Grimoire or any others in the ‘Gaslight’ series though I will soon. If anyone already has, let me know what you think.

Farewell, bye bye, bog off all of you and never darken my door again!

No, only joking. Am I? Yes, of course. But…am I? Well, yes, but…

Vote for your favourite bizarro story this year

For those who like that sort of thing, a vote is being held on Bizarro Central (a website on the off-kilter section of the literary world) for your favourite bizarro story of the year. I’ve no idea what the outcome is, perhaps winged elephants will carry the winner through the town on a purple cushion.

Here’s the info:

Vote Now on Your Favorite Bizarro Short Story of the Year!

Was there a bizarro short story you read this year that you particularly loved? Well here’s your chance to recognize it! All stories first published in 2011 are eligible. This includes books, chapbooks, web journals, print journals and magazines, digital books, etc. You are allowed to cast three votes — please list your first, second, and third choice.

Finalists will be announced on Monday, December 19th, then a final vote will be held to determine the winner.

Please email your vote to You may also direct questions to that address.

Please note that this is not an official award.