Outdoor art exhibition in Regent’s Park, London

A friend of mine was wandering through the park in October when she happened upon this fantastic outdoor exhibition. More than one of them gave me ideas for creativeness and I’m sure they will do the same for you. I could be wrong but as far as I can gather it was the Frieze Art Fair, more info here.

She took a few snaps and here they are.

First here is a wibbly wall declaring that The Landscape is Moving:landscape-is-moving

Next here’s a wooden face viewed from the front:Wooden face 2

Now from the side:Wooden face

Here’s a ton of mushrooms things:Mushrooms

This is apparently a concrete block from the inside of a shed:inside-of-a-shed

Lastly the favourite of both of us, a VIP door that leads to…who knows:VIP

Exhibition: something wicked this way comes

Being in Englandland I will be one of the many who won’t get to go to this jana-brike_the-naked-queenexhibition in Hollywood (I knew I should have subscribed to sugardaddy.com) but if you’re in the general vicinity this may well be quite interesting. Have a look at the post for more bizarre pictures and information.

A pick and mix of Halloween goodness

Tonight we shall traverse the hidden barrier to view such classics as The Haunting, The Stone Tape, Ghostwatch, The Others and consume….pizza. It’s a bit early but every day is Halloween with us.

Here are a couple of things I found on the magical world webbington to assist the mere mortal in their passage to the other side. If the tubes aren’t running.

These two heads were spotted in the window of a barber’s. My first impression is that the customers are being taxidermied in the manner of the Landlady in Tales of the Unexpected.

A woman’s artwork collection is being displayed years after her death…and every single painting is of Christopher Lee. Apparently she ‘sometimes mixed the paint with her own blood.’

Neil Gaiman attempts to begin a new Halloween tradition with allhallowsread.com

An artist from Arizona has made a selection of incredible pumpkin heads like this: and the pictures are making their way through the news sites. View more here.

Kipling have produced a range of Halloween cakes called Fiendish Fancies. I for one won’t be sharing them with any children.

So, there we have it. And if you’re still not sated, there’s always the Halloween newspage to keep you informed.

Fare thee well…

Local Art Space – Colchester Slackspace

I always get excited when I find local artisticness. Colchester Slackspace is described thusly:

‘Slack Space is an artist run initiative that puts art, music and performance into an empty shop unit in Colchester Town Centre. The group evolved through the networking site facebook and are supported by East of England Co-op and the local arts charity firstsite.
At Slack Space there is a a programme of art and events with the art changing every week or so and a 3 day mini-fest takes place once a month. What started as a repository for art has become became a catalyst for art with calls going out for various commissions and themes being responded to.’