Christopher Lee tells a ghost story by M.R. James

It’s that magical night tomorrow where everyone drops their pants, paints themselves green and runs through the streets crying “Who wants to hold my hand?” No? Perhaps it has yet to catch on…

OK so to celebrate one of my favourite times of the year here’s an atmospheric episode from the year 2000 series M.R. James – BBC Ghost stories for Christmas with Christopher Lee.

Based on the fact that his stories were originally written to read aloud to a select few at the University he taught at on Christmas eve, here is Number 13:

A pick and mix of Halloween goodness

Tonight we shall traverse the hidden barrier to view such classics as The Haunting, The Stone Tape, Ghostwatch, The Others and consume….pizza. It’s a bit early but every day is Halloween with us.

Here are a couple of things I found on the magical world webbington to assist the mere mortal in their passage to the other side. If the tubes aren’t running.

These two heads were spotted in the window of a barber’s. My first impression is that the customers are being taxidermied in the manner of the Landlady in Tales of the Unexpected.

A woman’s artwork collection is being displayed years after her death…and every single painting is of Christopher Lee. Apparently she ‘sometimes mixed the paint with her own blood.’

Neil Gaiman attempts to begin a new Halloween tradition with

An artist from Arizona has made a selection of incredible pumpkin heads like this: and the pictures are making their way through the news sites. View more here.

Kipling have produced a range of Halloween cakes called Fiendish Fancies. I for one won’t be sharing them with any children.

So, there we have it. And if you’re still not sated, there’s always the Halloween newspage to keep you informed.

Fare thee well…