Annoying Clouds, Pensioner Circuses and Kitten Houses – Stories From My Charity Fundraiser

Well well well, I managed to write with a crayon for four whole hours for Hands For Syria. I raised over 100 pounds which may not sound much but I’m so happy I managed to get more than a penny.

Below you’ll find the stories I wrote non-stop until my brain dribbled from my ears, and the video of Sunday night’s scribble fest. Don’t expect beautiful poetry, I did the first thing that came into my head.

Be warned – I thought I had The League of Gentlemen on very quietly in the background but it’s…really not quiet at all.

Incidentally there’s still time to give, here’s the fundraising page. Thanks so much to everyone who already did. Now I have to go rest my neck.



Stories In Crayon – Fundraiser For Hand In Hand For Syria

Hello my little packets of cuddle flavour crisps. When people usually fundraise for charity they do marathons or sky diving, all of which I’d find difficult physically. Therefore, when my friend suggested a live stream of something creative, I decided on story writing in crayon for four hours.

It’ll be doing it on youtube live stream (link below) Sunday at 5 0’clock evening (9 am in America) to 9 in the evening (1 in the afternoon in America). My fundraising page is in the info of the youtube event and below in this post. See you there!

Youtube live event

Fundraising page