Paula Rego – Pillowman and Nursery Rhymes

Apparently artist Paula Rego did a show in Paris last month. In the life drawing room I work in, while the little angels have their cigarette break, I flick through the art books in the cupboard. I’m ashamed to say most send me to sleep but I recently discovered one I keep going back to, Paula Rego’s etchings of Nursery Rhymes.

There’s something so intrinsically disturbing and magical about revisiting those things lodged in our childhood psyche, particularly if they look like this:

Mary Mary quite contrary
Mary Mary quite contrary












Or this:

Little Miss Muffet

Anyway I came across this article about the reasons behind her most famous work, the Pillowman. Enjoy!


Me in paintings

I love my job. This is what I see on my way into the room I work in at the college of a morning…lots and lots of nude mes (me’s?). I think the pictures are lovely:

That's right...I get paid to sleep

Here’s another painting artist and fellow Braintree Ways member Steve Waring did of me. Have a look at his site:

I was watching the League of Gentlemen