Crappypasta Submissions Reading (Bad Horror Fiction)

They’re here!

Merry Halloween my little apple carts, may all your disturbing dreams come true and your stomachs explode with sugary delights. I asked people to send me their own crappypastas, which are terribly written internet horror stories. Enjoy!

The writers are:

Ian Willingham

Gary Buller

Neil Dinsmore

Myk Pilgrim

5 thoughts on “Crappypasta Submissions Reading (Bad Horror Fiction)

    1. Apparently it comes from ‘copypasta,’ which were stories copied and pasted from website to website. Then came creepypasta, then the failures. Not entirely sure why ‘pasta’ though

  1. Fun! I knew about “copy-” and “creepy-“, but “crappypasta” is new to me. 🙂 This reminds me of one of my friends, who hosts a monthly “Vogons” bad poetry night.

    Just discovered your blog… looking forward to reading your stuff!

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