When Burlesque, The Gothic And Jazz Age Collide In An Autumnal Extravaganza

Sorry about the title, I’m probably a bit sleep deprived. I’m at my friend’s working on a new book while he does art stuff.

From next week I’ll be posting a spooky themed video made by myself each Tuesday of October, but I thought I’d start Halloween early by sharing other people’s videos of burlesque performances. I like any kind of burlesque but if it has a Gothic twist, or twenties, or circus sideshow it’s even better.

I’ll start with Missy Macabre, partly because I once interviewed her for Bizarre magazine and partly because she manages to combine the twenties, Gothic and sideshow all in one human:

Next is Obskyura, who is basically a modern Josephine Baker in this act:

Tesla Tease is a Gothic mermaid.

Mam’zelle Plum’ti does the Charleston with a bunch of balloons:

Enjoy, I’m off to do more words out my hands, toodle pip!

2 thoughts on “When Burlesque, The Gothic And Jazz Age Collide In An Autumnal Extravaganza

  1. Thanks for sharing these unique and lovely ladies! I’ve always been a big fan of the burlesque because it’s classy and more fun than just “Bam! Here I am!” What these cool people are doing is celebrating art and the body together which makes a big statement. Even in this technologically advanced time and despite so many great support groups, I think a lot of us hate our bodies. We’re almost afraid of them and what people will think about us if they see us as we are. For years I have been a fan of early American burlesque dancers and strippers such as Tempest Storm. I’m also a big fan of the upcoming plus size burlesque dancers who are stepping up and saying, “We are beautiful and proud of who we are!” That pretty much crushes all the shamers and haters in a dynamic flourish. Maybe if people were all busy being creative and finding things to like about each other, we’d have a lot less war. Thanks for always being a day maker, Madeleine!

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