Aleister Crowley Free Online

Hello my little pumpernickles! On Tuesday I read my latest novella in a London bookshop along with Laura Lee Bahr and fellow 2015 New Bizarro Author Chris Meekings. I’ll share the videos next week as my friend and I spent the morning following a book called A Curious Guide to London.

In the meantime I’ve found a place to read a few of Aleister Crowley’s books for free online, unfortunately not the drug diary. You can read directly from the site here or there are PDFs to download here.

I’ve also included a BBC documentary about him. I’d prefer to find one less sensational that sticks to reality but it’s still quite interesting. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Aleister Crowley Free Online

  1. Is the book you’re unable to find “Diary of a Drug Fiend?” It’s actually a novel, although based in part on Crowley’s personal experiences. It’s well worth a read, although Crowley is not the best writer of prose or poetry (apart from his esoteric works). There are a few high quality biographies of him out there. Thanks for sharing the documentary.

  2. has a lot of other good occult texts on it too.Diary Of A Drug Fiend is easy enough to get hold of a print copy.

  3. Interesting post. I don’t think Crowley did ‘less sensational’ he was always out for maximum sensation, lord knows what he would get up today with Twitter and what not. His short stories are available in 2 volumes in Wordsworth editions, they are a very mixed bag. He didn’t get on with Yeats because he thought Yeats was jealous of his poetry (but of course Yeats wasn’t).

      1. They knew each other from the Order of the Golden Dawn, I am quite sure that Yeats felt secure that Crowley wasn’t the greater writing talent. Crowley never really progressed past the Symbolists who conventions were tired by that time. What Crowley had was a talent for self promotion. Interestingly enough one of his most loyal followers was the brother of the novelist Henry Green, who I have written about at length.

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