When Surrealism And Fashion Collide In Extremely Bizarre Ways

Hello my little bowls of granola secretly filled with chocolate treats!

Continuing the Surrealism theme from last week I thought we’d have a look at some fun instances of the fashion world absorbing the world of surrealist art, with varying degrees of oddity. Now, I want to explain, I love so-called avant-garde fashion, the weirder the better. I’m fascinated by the point at which it becomes art in pictures and performance art on the runway. That said, let The Weirdening begin!

First off we’ll have a look at ‘real’ surrealist artists entering the fashion world. Man Ray is one of my favourite photographers and you can see every one of his fashion photographs in this book (which of course I own).


Next is a clip of Salvador Dali’s swimwear line. Did you know he did a swimwear line? Neither did I!

Nightmare Beachwear (1965)


Here’s a line of hats with a kitchen theme, because you know how us girls get nervous when we’re too far away from our safety bubble! (1950s)


Shilpa Chavan of Little Shilpa is an eccentric designer and milliner who’s latest collection is heavily influenced by Alice in Wonderland, and you can’t get much more surreal than Wonderland.

Shilpa Chavan (2016)


Next up is Vogue photographer Tim Walker. His photoshoots are like fantasy film sets. He’s taken pictures of various celebrities as well as major magazines and you can own his work in this amazing book.

Mechanical Dolls, Vogue Italia (2011)


Comme des Garcons is led by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo and have been known for their eccentric style since 1973.

Spring Summer Collection (2017)

Autumn/Winter (2016/2017)


Viktor and Rolf began their career in the 90s. You can watch a year of their working lives in the documentary Because We’re Worth It. It’s interesting but it doesn’t get close to showing how weird they can be.

Spring/Summer (2016)


Finally here are some living dolls circa 1985 showing off Gareth Pugh‘s designs. Creepy!

Spring/Summer (2016)

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