Flash Fiction Competition Plus Interview On Bizzong Podcast

Hello Popples! I know I said I wouldn’t post during my holiday at home but I was so pleased to be interviewed for Bizzong podcast about Weird Fiction, Horror, Bizarro and David Lynch that I thought I’d share it. I think you’ll also be interested in the competition I’m running and mention in the podcast, information is also below.


I need your weird tiny microfictions (around 500 words, don’t worry too much if it’s a little over). SUBJECT: Evil Rainbows.
Send to: evilpixie.madeleine@gmail.com
Winner gets electronic copy of whichever NBAS 2015 book they’d like.
Deadline Sept 30th.
All stories go on the blog.
Good luck, I believe in you!


Now I can resume lurking in the forest

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