Photography (And Video): Creepy Taxidermy, Vintage Coin Operated Machines And Peep Shows

Afternoon my little chicks almost ready to fledge the nest! I’m currently reading the oddest books I can find for Friday’s Bizarre Book Club post but in the meantime here’s a bunch of great vintage items I saw yesterday at Battlesbridge Antique Centre.

The room filled with coin operated machines such as the hanging man execution, peep shows, laughing sailor and fortune teller had me hopping for joy as did the taxidermy. I filmed a few and added the video below if you’d like to see them in action. Imagine you’re at the seaside in the 1920s looking for some fun and titillation. Enjoy!

P.S. I think my photography might be improving!


4 thoughts on “Photography (And Video): Creepy Taxidermy, Vintage Coin Operated Machines And Peep Shows

  1. Great post! The laughing sailor has been at sea too long and the result is seagulls picking at his brains, or so he thinks…Love the haunted house machine, especially the ghost of you on the left filming the action 🙂 Those mechanical fortune tellers used to scare me when I was a child. I found one at Coney Island when I was there last year and dropped a few bucks into it…as you can see I had a great time with this post!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as me! Ha yes I do make a special guest appearance, ironically in the haunted house. I’d absolutely love to go to Coney Island I really would

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