New Horror Story: Waiting For The Right Stop

Well hello there! We meet again. No, I just happened to be standing in this dark alleyway as you went past, it’s pure coincidence, honest.

Anyway, I’ve a new story in an anthology called The Black Room Manuscripts with a foreword by the producer of Borderlands, released by The Sinister Horror Company for animal charity The Blue Cross. They’re nice boys, I spoke to them in a Bizarro UK podcast episode in which you cannot hear a single word I said due to technical difficulties. The audio is also a bit odd at the beginning but quickly sorts itself out. I believe I said something about loving animals so much I wanted to squeeze them all to death, and that the charity existed mainly to escort me from various fields.

It’s not as weird as my usual offerings, but I love it nonetheless. Farewell!Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00014]

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