New Story: Live Performance At The Grand Guignol

Among other things I like to write erotica, and it just so happens I have another tale out with Forbidden Fiction. I’m working on getting a collection together, so if you like that side of my writing there’s more to come.

This new story features a Victorian actress determined to be taken seriously. When she lands a part in The Grand Guignol she decides not to get involved with any of her co-stars, but that all changes on the opening night.


2 thoughts on “New Story: Live Performance At The Grand Guignol

  1. And there was me thinking you couldn’t surprise me!
    Then again, you would have to put a dead body on my doorstep and announce it with a brass band, comprised of the undead… Just to get an “OK” out of me now a days!!

    “What shows in the cracks of the broken has more truth and intrigue than the whole facades of the normal and plain, thus I shall always seek the other over the norm”

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