A mini-bag of Halloween treats

Merry Halloween! Ho, ho, ho! Have you been good, or bad? Reach into my sack and…I’m sorry, I seem to be delirious.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few spooky artistic things with you on one of my favourite days.

First up is some evil popcorn from artist Katarzyna Redesiuk:

Second is blog Can of Mystery, a plethora of strange and true tales of places and people that have oddness leaking from their pores, such as Countess Bathory. Want to know more? Have a look.

Thirdly my free fiction site Legends of Odd has had an influx of spooky posts in the Guest Author section. If you’d like to be included follow the instructions on the home page.

Next up is a squirrel sticking it’s head inside a dangling novelty Halloween decoration:

Next up I’d like you to have a look at the miniture world of artist Slinkachu’s Little People, occasionally disturbing, often funny and always fascinating.

And lastly is a music video from The Cure, Lullaby:

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