The myth of Mother Teresa

I was fascinated (and a little disturbed) when a friend recently told me about Christopher Hitchens’ book The Missionary Position.

No, its not what it sounds. Instead its a factual look at Mother Teresa and her ‘good works’ in Calcutta. Is she really the saint we believe her to be or is she something a little more sinister?

Have a read of this interview with the book’s author.

2 thoughts on “The myth of Mother Teresa

  1. Why do we insist on putting our saints up on pedestals? (I should point out I’m of the strand that defines “saint” as a believer.) If we act out of an assumption that a few others are somehow spotless in this life, or somehow more “holy,” and then use that as an excuse for not striving more on our own part, we miss the larger inspiration arising from the reality that all humans struggle with faith — how else will we deepen?

    Admittedly, Hitchens hit on some very troubling aspects of Mother Teresa’s life and work. But to tackle a fraction of what she did, facing the conditions she did, would demand someone tough as nails and a heart, well, to somehow match. The flaws make any accomplishments all the more striking.

    Now, for the rest of us, back to work!

    1. Yes, unfortunately the troubling aspects do seem to be extremely troubling, ie. no pain relief or real medical care and millions of pounds apparently going somewhere…but not to the care facilities.

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